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Industry background

With over 20 years experience printing and creating displays mainly for international fashion powerhouses, we know how important quality in workmanship/ materials and getting the job done on time is for everyone.

We could give you the cheapest quote using the cheapest materials just to get the job but we couldn't do that to you.  It wouldn't be right plus you would never use us again! 

Our extensive knowledge of printing media and long relationships with global suppliers enables us to provide suitable quotes at reasonable prices.

We are prepared to work day and night if required to meet your deadline to make it all happen for you!

From large format digital printing to laser cutting & CNC Routing, we offer a wide range of services and products for commercial and personal needs at competitive prices.

We specialise in lasercutting, folding and assembly of Acrylic, MDF, specialty plywoods such as Bamboo, Birch etc.
 Please contact us to discuss your next project!