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a little bit about US...

I began my business because I love to create.  
When I was a young I would spend hours and hours lying on the grass staring up at the clouds, forming images from the clouds which were constantly changing.  It was like another world above us, constantly moving and evolving, so many different stories!

My hands were always itching to make something!
At the age of 2, I would trim threads off garments for fun for my mother then onto knitting and sewing clothes for my dolls.  Drawing, colouring, cutting & gluing occurred daily.  I was addicted!  It just felt so good.
Nowadays, with the use of the latest machines/ technology, good old fashioned elbow grease and a fantastic team, we create unique, useful products of high quality efficiently.
I still stare into the clouds (well maybe not for hours and hours... I wish), reminiscing the good old days of being young and free to discover one's passion and also with my mind ticking away on how next to do what I love, that is what I want to create. ❤️  


industry background

With over 20 years experience printing and working with international fashion powerhouses, we know how important quality in workmanship/materials and getting the job done on time is for everyone.

We could give you the cheapest quote using the cheapest materials just to get the job but we couldn't do that to you.  It wouldn't be right plus you would never use us again! 

Our extensive knowledge of printing media and long relationships with global suppliers enables us to provide suitable quotes at reasonable prices.

We are prepared to work day and night if required to meet your deadline to make it all happen for you!

If it's digital printing or laser cutting or CNC Routing you need,  please contact us to discuss your next project. 😊